Elon in La in 50 Words

Passion, Dance, What’sTrending, Fantastic, Friends, Creating, Performing, TheEdge, Future, Laughs, Growing, Dreams, Sunny, Beauty, Acting, Stars, PalmTrees, Coffee, tea, Starbucks, Teleprompter, Busy, NoSleep, Beach, YouTubeSpaceLA, YouTubes, Blogs, The110, TheMelt, Chipotle, @Midnight, Ellen, ChelseaLately, MattTseng, Choreographers, SYTYCD, Unbelievable, Networking, Smiles, Vegan, Experiences, New, Realworld, EntertainmentWorld, Love, Crazy, Confidence, Hollywood, Opportunity, Inspiration

Elon in La in 50 Words

LA crammed into 50 words

This semester in LA has been a whirlwind, but an incredible ride. LA really is the place where dreams come true.  There is no shortage of great opportunities.  LA is crazy, fun, unbelievable, friendly, inspiring, beautiful, and so many other things. And I met Ian Somerhalder so that doesn’t suck!Image

50 Words

Malibu, Sunshine, Opportunity, Cars, Traffic, Fame, Actors, Poverty, Chipotle, Palm Trees, Superheroes, Hollywood, Movies, Food Trucks, Time, Expensive, Green Light, Follow Up, Help, Competition, Cameras, Networking, Hustling, Von’s, Trader Joe’s, Travel, Diversity, Mental Illness, Desperation, Foot in the Door, Beaches, Smiles, Clubs, Vegan, Experience, Heart, Confidence, No Excuses, It’s Possible

Fifty Shades of LA

Elon in LA to Brett meant:

New, West, Explore, Different, Culture, Relaxed, Calm, Busy, Clear, Hot, Warm, Cool, Friendly, Video, Movies, Theater, Script, Malibu, Venice, Santa Monica, like…Fun?, Hike, Mountain, View, Ocean, Sun, Fremantle, Connections, Experience, Tub, Ultimate, Guitar, Songs, Lyrics, Logic, Dreams, Stars, Pier, Umami, Don Cuco, Family, Friends, Career, “Come On Down”, Plinko, Burbank, Studio, Doses