LA in 50

Not too hot during the day.

Not too cold at night.

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, what an incredible sight.

Avenues of bright lights and famous stars,

Street after street, jam-packed with cars.

Good times abound from downtown to the valley,

Nothing beats the groovy vibes of Cali.

Maddie’s 50 Words

L.A. is four million people. I’m often afraid to drive counter to all of these travelers. I’m afraid to look into the eyes of the homeless.

Yet, I LIVE here to meet the astonishingly inventive people who enjoy helping me succeed. I LEARN here so I can become like them.

The City of 50 Words


Moving. Renting. Driving. Arriving.

Interning. Culver City. YouTubers. Polished. Blogging.

Networking. Lunch Breaks. Trader Joe’s. Donuts. Coffee. Guacamole.

Being a Tourist. Parking (Doesn’t exist) Child Actors (Unfortunately Exist).

Don’t Be Busy Or Tired. Do Say Yes. Don’t Say Like. Do Appreciate The City Before It’s Time To

Go Home.

LA in 50 Words

Los Angeles has no country music stations. No fireflies. No green grass. No empty back roads.

But it’s okay.

 There’s sand between my toes. There’s the sound of waves crashing. There’s an endless clear, turquoise ocean turning into a vast, deep blue sky. And there are still long summer nights.

Manhattan Beach Pier

LA in 50 Words

Parking is hell

Emergency brakes exist

Hills do too

Humidity does not

Gas is expensive

Deers can be road kill

Hikes are rewarding

Juice is a verb… or can be used as such

Lemonade from lemonade is heavenly

Cameras make good sidekicks

Dancing in public is accepted

LA is pretty great

LA in 50 Words

What you may call it: Los Angeles. LA. La-La Land. The City of Angels. City of Flowers and Sunshine. Big Orange. The Entertainment Capital of the World. Hollywood. Tinseltown. Beverly Hills. Shaky Town.

What I call it: My Dreams. My Town. My Future. My Inspiration. My Constant Drive. My LA.

LA In 50 Words

Drive. Work. Drive. Project. Chill. Repeat.

Leave early. Read parking signs twice.

Be glad you’re there. Make yourself an indispensable team member. Be a god of interning.

See above.

Do good work. Work with people who know what they’re doing.

Self explanatory.


LA’s cool.

LA in 50 Words

7080 Hollywood Boulevard, Matt, Nilda, MLC, fate, red carpets, beaches, Malibu, sunsets in canyons, gratitude, Romancing the Bean, chai lattes, Highland, Trader Joes, Toluca Lake, Venice, parking tickets, trendy, pure bliss, fear, living in small moments, happiness, connections, new experiences, unexpected challenges, change, never wanting to leave –> growth.

LA in 50 words

Coffee. Vegan. Flashy.

Bustling. Artsy. Chic. Nerves. Infamous. 

Writing. Fox. Natural. Data. Romancing. Understanding. 

Location. Cooking. Spotlight. Fake. Avocado. Friendly. Negotiable. 

Relationships. Homeless. Florescent. Culture. Freaky. Angry. Free. Warner. 

Unreal. Desirable. Unlimited. Tacos. Production. Flashy. Wanted.

Pride. Green. Congested. Distraction. Sleepless.

Hipster. Groggy. Sunrise. Sunset. Imagination.

Creative. Silk. Smooth. Elegant.




LA in 50

Explore. Passion. Drive. Friendship. Talent. Work. Create. Traffic. Juice. Nine to Five. Coffee. Wanderlust. Trendy. Beginning. Ocean. Emotion. Lemonade. Breathe. Desire. Involvement. Music. Envision. Parking Tickets. Adventure. Malibu. Grow. Outdoors. Shopping. Happy. Hipster. Spend. Classy. Errands. Oakwood. Bliss. Spontaneity. Moments. Pictures. Dream. Fedora. Free. Responsibility. Coconut Water. Alive. Reality. Hollywood.

LA in 50 words

Explore. Drive. Discomfort. Cry.

Adjust. Toughen up. Accept. Embrace. Grow. Mess up. Learn.

Too early. Late. Parking tickets. New friends. No sleep. Always laughing.

First screenplay. Act. Collaborate. Avocados. Coffee. Run. Shop. Bananas. Homeless.

Independence. Photographs. Filming. Reunions.

Spontaneous. Routine. Heart beat. Decisions. Discoveries. Overwhelmed.

Breathe. Sun. Love. Smile.


Elon in La in 50 Words

Passion, Dance, What’sTrending, Fantastic, Friends, Creating, Performing, TheEdge, Future, Laughs, Growing, Dreams, Sunny, Beauty, Acting, Stars, PalmTrees, Coffee, tea, Starbucks, Teleprompter, Busy, NoSleep, Beach, YouTubeSpaceLA, YouTubes, Blogs, The110, TheMelt, Chipotle, @Midnight, Ellen, ChelseaLately, MattTseng, Choreographers, SYTYCD, Unbelievable, Networking, Smiles, Vegan, Experiences, New, Realworld, EntertainmentWorld, Love, Crazy, Confidence, Hollywood, Opportunity, Inspiration

Elon in La in 50 Words

LA crammed into 50 words

This semester in LA has been a whirlwind, but an incredible ride. LA really is the place where dreams come true.  There is no shortage of great opportunities.  LA is crazy, fun, unbelievable, friendly, inspiring, beautiful, and so many other things. And I met Ian Somerhalder so that doesn’t suck!Image