Specificity is key.

This weekend Andy and I shot my monologue at the Howard Fine Studio. The monologue I chose, Val from the Broadway hit A Chorus Line, is fun, sassy and has always been a personal favorite. Fortunately our acting instructor, Marilyn McIntyre, opened the studio for us and hung around to give me some of the most meaningful coaching I have ever received. In the hour and a half spent on stage running the scene she challenged me, questioned me and ultimately forced me to search within to find the truth behind Val, constantly reminding me to tap into my inner objects, be present within the situation and connect with the many specifics that evolve from a scene. And when I say specifics, I’m talking about knowing everything about the character right down to the meal she ate before she walked into the audition. There is no shortage of specifics when dissecting a scene and a character, which is something I am still learning. With the help of Marilyn’s coaching, I went from B playing a tame Val, sitting on the edge of the stage to a tap dancer from Iowa desperately fighting for a spot in Marilyn’s Broadway chorus line. Marilyn’s professionalism, criticism and encouragement were so genuine and I could feel the transformation. It was another moment I am so grateful to have experienced out here.

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