My last day being ‘young and restless’

Today is my last day interning at “The Young and the Restless.” I have been interning in the casting department and can honestly say I have learned so much! The world of casting is crazy. So much work goes into casting each role, whether it is series regular or the extras in the background. The soap opera world is even crazier. It is one of the fastest moving industries around, shooting a new show everyday, four days a week.

Me standing in front of the office

Me standing in front of the office.

I have never been a fan of soap operas and did not know what to expect with this internship but I have now gained some serious respect for the soap world and especially for Y&R. Our casting director does not cast this show as a “soap,” it is cast just like any other show. She looks for the best actors and I think that is what sets this show apart from its competitors.

At my internship I have done everything from answering phones to filming casting sessions and even got to spend two hours on set today. It is interesting watching the show filmed because we film about a month before airing. We watch the episodes every day so it is sometimes confusing as to what is happening now and what will be happening in a few months. This is an industry where everyone has on top of their game in order to be successful.

While I am sad to leave the Young and the Restless I know I am leaving with a lot of new experiences and a lot more respect for the world of soaps.

Who knows, I may even start DVRing the show to keep up with the craziness that is about to ensue!


One thought on “My last day being ‘young and restless’

  1. P, You may not be working at the Young and Restless, but somehow I do not see you as “Old and Content”-at least not yet!!!!

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