Career Path

If you’ve read Chris Bunn’s blog posts, you’ll know that he’s made some crucial career choices in his time here in Los Angeles. He prefers Tobacco Road to the City of Angels, and he recognizes that ‘striking it big’ in Hollywood is extremely hard to do. He was caught between his passion for coaching the game of basketball, and his love of filmmaking. In the end, he decided that he’d rather pay his dues in the coaching world than in Hollywood.

In the midst of interning and shooting short films, this got me to thinking about my own career path. I’m in a very similar situation in that I’m caught between my passion for music/songwriting and my quickly growing love of filmmaking.

But my time here in LA hasn’t given me any answers to these tough questions like it has for Chris. If anything, it’s raised more questions.
I’d prefer a simpler life than Hollywood has to offer. But this is the absolute heart of the entertainment industry. Should I move to LA after graduation?

I feel the most alive when I’m playing music. And I’d consider myself a talented musician, but do I have what it takes to make some sort of career out of it? I’m definitely willing to pay my dues and be a starving artist for a long time. But would I be able to support myself financially?

Although I love making films, I don’t love it enough to sit on my butt for five years working in an office answering phones, waiting for my chance to direct or produce. If I’ve learned anything from interning, it’s that I have to be in a line of work where I don’t sit at a desk all day.

In my decision making process, the challenge will be to try and combine my love for music and storytelling through film. The best part of my situation is that I have two years left at Elon to figure it all out. I’ve had the time of my life running around Los Angeles these past couple months experiencing the city and making shorts. But for now, I’m done climbing the ladder. It’s Sweet Carolina for me.

5 thoughts on “Career Path

  1. Nashville is definitely an option. It’s funny you bring it up, because I’ve been thinking a lot about maybe interning or something along those lines there. Thanks for your interest!

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