The most recent project I worked on was in response to our prompt for our latest batch of films: Change. Beatrice and I decided that we would opt out of writing a narrative film for the assignment and instead focused on doing a documentary style short film consisting of the what the people of  Venice Beach think about change. The result was a great little film that I think anyone can enjoy and it really encompasses the culture of the place. Keep a look out for the film as it will be on the blog this week! Anyway, it got me thinking about change and I can’t tell you how much this summer has changed all of us. The emotional highs and lows of it all are enough to break you down and I think many of us were at that breaking point this past week. Just reading the blogs of others and witnessing our trials and tribulations gives me even more of a sense of what this place can do to you. As our weeks here come to a close I can’t help but start to look back and wonder how these nine weeks will forever change me as I go forward in my life. I am sure now that LA is in my future, but as to what capacity, well, that remains to be seen. What I do know, and this became exceedingly clear last night when our latest student films were screened and critiqued, is that I’ve made unbreakable bonds with so many of my fellow student out here and I know I’ve forged friendships that will last for years to come. Not to get all sappy, but it seems that on top of everything that this summer has been for me and my career, I think the most important part has been the relationships between myself and the people around me. I’ve lived and learned and can’t wait to see where this experience takes me. Here are some of my latest frames:


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