All Planned Out

When I started college I wanted to draft out my four year plan. By the time I would graduate I planned to have a double major in strategic communications and international studies with a minor in French. I would take International Relations, Strategic Writing, French Literature…there was no room in my schedule for taking any chances, for trying something off the written plan. I started to complete my courses and college life. I joined PRSSA, a sorority, the cheerleading team, and somehow managed to make all A’s and B’s even though my French classes could have very well been the death of me. Come this past spring semester I was looking for the next thing to add to my resume, the next step in my four year plan- Elon in Los Angeles. It would be perfect. I would intern in the fashion industry- a step into the fast lane for a career in fashion PR. 

I got my dream internship at the company that was my first choice and after not even a week in LA I recieved a phone call from another fashion company wanting me to work on Fridays- the only day I had available at this point. It was all so perfect and true to what I had imagined- what I had planned. Then we went on set during the Sony studio tour. I fell in love with the art department. The ability to create something out of nothing amazes me. It was then that I realized, I had abandoned a large part of me when I graduated high school. It was art. Dance, visual art (both painting and sculpture), and even a breif time spent in theatre my freshman year. 

I think it was a combination of living in the creative environment the Elon in Los Angeles program provides plus being exposed to the environment of Los Angeles itself:  the glitz and the glamour. It wasn’t until the other day that I realized that the glitz and glamour is something that someone has to create and eventually that’s what I want to do. 


With some props for the movie The House Bunny at Sony

With some props from the movie The House Bunny at Sony


One thought on “All Planned Out

  1. Having choices can be scary, but trying new things can be exciting. This is your time! Get out, explore, experience and find your path!

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