finding community

As part of Tree People’s summer activities series a small group of us went on a full moon hike a couple weeks ago. We got there right after sunset – just in time to get our finger flashlights and embark on the moonlit trail winding through Coldwater Canyon Park. I’d say there were fifty people there – families, couples and friends of all ages. The five of us only knew each other.

The hour-long hike took us through the beautiful canyon making several stops where we could observe the vast stretch of city lights. And then a guide says, “Everybody howl at the moon on three”. Everyone, tapping into his or her inner-coyote, stopped mid hike to howl at the radiant white sphere in the sky. (And of course we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to throw in a few unconventional animals like elephants, kittens, chickens and I think Joanna unleashed a howler monkey?) After the animal symphony died down and we turned to our neighbors to laugh with them I thought to myself, this must be an LA community of sorts. In a city this diverse and this spread out I sense it’s hard to find that nuclear community that gives most cities unity. But without fail, there is an LA-way for everything. And in that night under the moon with four friends and many strangers I got my first taste of community within this big city.

trail map

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