rockin’ collaboration!

This weekend was one of the best this summer. I had the honor of working alongside the fun and thoughtful Sam Gyllenhaall on his screenplay Switching Teams. When he offered me the opportunity to co-direct with him, I working with the actors and he with the camera, I was elated. The perfect opportunity for me to get my feet wet learning from such a creative person! Little did I know how much I would also be learning from Mike Paccico, a camera and editing master who heralded as Sam’s co-producer of Switching Teams.

Mike and Sam could not have made me feel more welcomed and important to the project from shooting, to playing the janitor, to listening to my choice of which takes were the best when editing, they not only were patient and gentle teaching me how to use the camera and different aspects of using Final Cut Pro, they let me get in there and do it if I had an idea they loved! If that wasn’t enough seeing the adjustments made in the actors’ performances so eloquently executed was probably yet the most gratifying. It was cool to work together and see the difference directing actors can make to a film and help the camera and writing geniuses get what they want!! It was so exciting to put to practice what I’d been reading how to do throughout the past weeks in the recommended reading: Directing Actors. Man, do I have so much more to learn and practice!!


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