A Work in Progress

For a while I’ve been thinking about writing a novel. It has always simply been something that I thought I’d like to do. I love to write but the only problem is I have no patience. It also takes a certain confidence to write a novel that I’m not sure I have yet. You have to assume that someone besides yourself is going to enjoy reading what you’ve wrote or at least find some significance in your words. Lately though I’ve been thinking maybe I should have that confidence and certain events led me to feel this way. 

First, I went to Lauren Conrad, reality TV star and fashion designer’s, book signing. After reading the first page while waiting in line I thought hey I can do this. The book was terrible and at least I’ve taken a college writing course. I may not have the same connections she does or as glamours of a lifestyle but I have funny friends and end up in the most unfortunate of situations sometimes-that’s something worth reading about. 

Then, I realized that LA was much less glamorous that I originally imagined. Very few areas of Los Angeles are like those you see on reality TV, in the movies, or even imagine in your dreams. Unless you have unlimited sums of money or amazing connections you’re not going to be living the life in Beverly Hills instead you’ll be on the other side of the hill, Burbank that is, and struggling to climb it. 

So after those two events, or realizations if you will, I had at least enough inspiration and motivation to get me started. Thus far I have only the beginning to a chapter and the last page. My novel could forever remain that way. Just a few chapters or it could develop into something more serious and if it does at least you can say you heard about it first.

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