At least, now I know.

Since I was in high school I would always say, “I want to be a modeling agent”…that evolved into a talent agent. Suddenly, before I came out here, I changed my mind. I thought maybe it would be interesting to get into event production and event planning. This led me to my internship at Platform Media Group– a public relations company. PMG represents a variety of different brands from Ambiguous clothing to El Grado tequila (partnered with Patrick Dempsey!) to Hokto Mushrooms. I spend a lot of time contacting editors and various media outlets as well as sending out samples and helping with press kits.

I was very eager and excited to begin this internship and see if this would be the fit for me. It wasn’t even close. Although I have gained knowledge from my internship and saw the inner workings of a boutique PR agency, it is not for me. I am finding myself wanting to do what I initially wanted to do; become a talent agent.


One thought on “At least, now I know.

  1. follow your heart. trust your gut instinct. .. i wish you luck. i just started this new job making documentaries, i thought you might be interested in our latest project… personnally ide rather be painting, or making music, but anyways..Ever wonder what it would be like to work at Microsoft? Check out this behind the scenes footage of the real live of 8 current Microsoft student interns at work & play…

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