Talk about a tall ladder

Something I have definitely about the music industry is that “it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n’ roll.”  The business is strewn with big egos and engineers that aren’t looking to go anywhere for a very long time.  It’s also really hard to show what you can do.  You don’t really get a chance to be an engineer as an intern just because there are already engineers and there usually only one per mix.  Other people in the room are assistants and the artists.  And even if you have talent, no one sees it and they don’t usually care because they can already do everything you can and they can do it better.

I know the above sounds discouraging but I am anything but.  I’m not looking forward to the toiling grind of bs tasks that only serve as a way to slowly make your way up the ladder but the end reward is worth years of cleaning and floor scrubbing (both of which I do frequently).  I might get lucky and find a band that needs an engineer and if I know my stuff then that’s the fast track.  Even though being a head engineer of a studio is stable, many bands will bring in their own engineers so you don’t even get to do you’re job.  I just can’t wait to work in an environment like this.


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