The Venetian

A decade ago my dad and I sat in our living room in Honduras, watching in awe how a spectacular hotel that resembled the city of Venice was being built in Las Vegas. I dreamt of going to see it one day and admire all the little details, such as the cracks on the walls, that I witnessed being made…
Now, I sit here in The Venetian, by myself, typing my feelings and thoughts. It’s midnight already. I can’t believe it; rollercoaster, pool, cirque du soleil. What an amazing day! The countless stores around me are all closed. There’s very few people walking by me, but the upbeat music and the energy of the place keep me company. The marble floor is glowing, reflecting the blue sky painted in the ceiling. It doesn’t feel like nighttime. Does Las Vegas ever sleep? I don’t think so. I’m not 21, but here’s my secret. Even if I were, I would probably find myself in this exact same spot.

“Sitting here by yourself on a Saturday night?” a 20-something-year-old guy, who just closed the store next to where I’m sitting, asked. “Yeah, I’m just different like that” I responded. 🙂


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