Tea and Blood Diamonds

Fiona and I outside of her quaint North Hollywood cottage

Fiona and I outside of her cottage in N. Hollywood

At Disney Studios one day, I met a wonderfully caring woman from New Zealand who works as a producer in the entertainment industry. I was at her house having tea this weekend discussing a book she let me borrow when we started talking about films that have changed our lives. She sighted Blood Diamonds as having opened her mind and broken her heart for such persecuted youth whose lives are viewed as dispensable amidst war and slavery.The night breeze whispered in the patterend yellow curtains and followed the wind out the open screen door to join the crickets enjoying the flora of a dimly lit garden.  In dreaming together about the stories we wanted the world to hear we slowly came to admit to each other it is really the writers, not our lines of profession, who arguably have the most power to cause change. It is their voice that is heard, the directors, producers, and actors bring to life pockets of reality writers have chosen to illuminate.

The producer I work for at Disney is unusually creatively inclined in that his movies are his ideas, pitched to writers he personally hires to craft a screenplay to suit the story he wants to tell. I told her she could be the same.

Newly inspired, I woke up early with the birds this morning and spent the day working on finishing the screenplay I’ve been working on for the past several weeks… Everyday is a new beginning to finding and filling personal potential


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