on acting

today, I’m gonna talk about acting—

I am a rising senior acting major and have already had quite a bit of training, but coming out this summer to Los Angeles I felt as though all my knowledge of acting was getting in my way.  I was doing too much “acting” and not enough “being”.  With the exercises in finding our type and personalization along with personality slates we have been doing with Marilyn, I have learned that the most important thing, maybe, is just to know yourself.  Walk into the audition room as the solution.  Confidence is key and why wouldn’t you want every performance to be as close to 1oo% as the real thing?  I am realizing that everything you need to be an actor, is built right into you.  Your mind is the imagination center where you can delve into the specifics of creating a different version of yourself.  Your heart is the never ending center for truth.  You must trust that your heart can feel all that your mind can create.  And finally, you’re body.  The physical machine that houses it all.  By manipulating how energy travels in your body you can harness all the creative life that is produced by your heart and mind.  Trust that you have all that you need and then release any doubt into the universe. As one of my favorite quotes goes, “if the sun and the moon were doubt, they’d both go out!”    Live.  Live truthfully in the moment for the first time every time, and that means throwing away all homework and just going to the eye of the storm.

–thank you for reading.


3 thoughts on “on acting

  1. Joanna – You’re realization and understanding and articulation about the foundation of being “grounded” as an actor is absolutely on the mark!! Beautiful. You’ll do fine where you go, whoever you study with, who ever you work with – actors and directors! Now…go for it! I wish you all the best. Marilyn

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