All You Need is LOVE

This past weekend Ashley, Courtney, Jeff, Patrick, MJ, Lauren, Kristen, and I ventured to Las Vegas. While it was exciting to experience the world-famous casinos and hotels, Serendipity’s frozen hot chocolate, and New York New York’s rooftop roller coaster, my favorite part of the trip was seeing Cirque du Soleil’s “Love”. This high-energy show honors the music of the Beatles with an undertone of world history and an overtone of flashy lights, acrobatic and contortionist tricks, loveable bright characters, amazing costumes, and beautiful dancing. I was hooked from the moment the first guitar chords were strung and I probably annoyed the woman sitting next to me because I never stopped oo-ing, ah-ing, laughing, sighing, or gasping for the next hour and a half! After the show I was completely speechless. I’ll leave you a short trailer of this magnificent show in hopes that it will have the same effect on you.


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