Bicoastal Mind

It is hard to believe that I have been in LA for two and a half months. Like many of my friends have already written about on the blog, I too am confused about where I would like to live after college. I do have two more years to figure it out, but I still think about it everyday. Growing up outside of New York City made me love and hate it. New York has this energy, unlike any I have ever felt before; it sucks you in and confuses you. I have been into the city countless times, so when I was looking to go to college I wanted something totally different. I wanted to go to school on the west coast because I knew it would give me another view on life, but that did not happen, so now I’m getting the “full picture” that I think I was missing growing up in New Jersey.

Kristen and I were talking about LA and New York yesterday and I found that they both fit into the stereotypes they are given. New York is fast-paced and crazy and LA is laidback. Somehow I love both lifestyles, but I don’t think that I could necessarily live in either for the rest of my life. I know that when I’m in stressful and fast-paced environments I work and flow with them very well, but when I’m in more chill environments I’m more relaxed and carefree. I guess what I’m trying to figure out is if there is such a place where LA and New York blend and combine, because if so, I need to be there. As of right now, I think that the only place that is like that is somewhere made up in my mind.

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