The best things in life are free.

I was driving on Friday and I saw the most fascinating thing.  I was on La Tijera blvd. heading back home from work, listening to the radio, and catching up on the texts and calls I miss through out the day when I saw the most extraordinary thing.  A man’s car had broke down in the rightmost lane out front of a dollar store.  The owner of the car, and what I assumed were the two other guys riding with him, were trying to push the car out of the road and out of the way of crowded traffic.  It was a small compact and should have been pretty easy for three people to push out of the way, the only problem was they were trying to turn it right and up the smallest of hills.

This by no means is anything fantastic, until I saw the greatest of juxtapositions.  A not so financially well off man in tattered clothing had come jogging out of the parking lot to lend a hand to the group.  Surprisingly, in the greatest of cosmic irony, a man in a white button down shirt, tie, khakis, dress shoes, and blackberry cell phone walked right by the people struggling to push the car without so much as a glance.

They did get their car up the small hurdle, and the man who lended a hand left with a grateful wave.

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