Enjoying a weekend in Vegas through Twitter

I returned from Vegas yesterday and the only question my mom asked was “who is the man with the flowers that you feel bad for on your twitter?” For those of you that are not a part of the Twitter nation I along with a few other Elon in LAers can assure you, you are missing out on a highly addictive social network.

Throughout the weekend many of us were able to keep friends and family in the know through Twitter. We could post everything from how much money we were up or down, which shows we enjoyed and even how a few people ran into Elon Alum from 1978.

Regardless of your social network preference the man with the flowers was a beautifully tragic part of LOVE the Cirque du Soleil show featuring the music of the Beatles. This show was by far one of the coolest things I have ever seen and while Rachael looked at it from a dancers perspective I looked at it simply in awe.

The show had all of your favorite Beatles song combined with dance, stunts and incredible acrobatics. Whether it was women flying through the air, children bouncing across the stage or a sad man trying to give away flowers this show had it all.

If you ever get the chance to go to Las Vegas I highly recommend LOVE. It is a show that offers something for everyone, music fans, dance fans or anyone looking for a night of enjoyment.

Here are some extended clips from the show:


3 thoughts on “Enjoying a weekend in Vegas through Twitter

  1. really great post, pat!! and a really great recap of your Vegas weekend. I am SO glad that I get one more year at elon with you and the rest of my life getting to know you more and more as a wonderful producer, acting partner, and friend. xoxo

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