mon mascarade

It’s like I’m seeing the world with new eyes.
Out with the old, in with a new disguise.
When the feelings fade, it’s a big masquerade.
A maze of bodies and faces invade.

The next step is true:
To mask up the past with feathers and flash
and present a new woman to you.
But don’t get me wrong the transition’s been long
and I’m ready for life on my own.
Before the sun set I was loved, don’t forget,
but now life’s a solo, unknown.

As I walk through the door,
my curious eyes towards the floor,
I’m uncertain of what will ensue.
But when the music begins and I’m thrown for a spin
I forget all the worries and woes.
Cause life is a ball and the harder you fall
should make you get back on your toes.

If passions subside, don’t dare run and hide,
stop asking the whats and the whys.
It’s hard to envision such a lonely decision
but at least there is life with new eyes.


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