To Walk Amongst Giants

Nothing but the sound of trudging footsteps and the sounds of nature were audible. White mist rolled over mountaintops and nestled itself within the canopies. Sunlight pierced through tiny openings of green leaves, showering all it touched in splotchy light. We were walking amongst giants.

Never in my life have I been in such awe. Visiting the Redwoods in Northern California was astonishing, unreal and truly monumental. As powerful as these words are, settling, is probably the most accurate portrayal of my experience. Our company was made up of six adventuresome individuals and it was quite common to see everyone gazing skyward.

Our caravan was absolutely enthralled with the surrounding environment. Between silences, I was lucky to be part of some of the most intriguing and humorous conversations I’ve heard in a while. All reservations were cast aside and everyone was free to say exactly what was on their minds.

I will return to the Redwoods. The experience was literally life altering and to feel how I did during our journey, well that’s something I look forward to upon my return.

One thought on “To Walk Amongst Giants

  1. I’ve read this account twice now and the words ring true. Good writing…and I’m glad we got to adventure together.

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