Feeling the business

Last week I realized how close to the professional world we really are. I got a text from an agent that I intern for who had some parts that i could fit. The problem was that I had no headshot. After asking and re-asking I finally lucked out and got a hold of Colin. We shot that evening (golden hour) for about thirty minutes. When I looked at the shots, they really could have been professional; good work Colin. The next internship day I got submitted for two shows, one being “Bones.” It was for a piano prodigy who gets whacked. Being the intern that submits everyone for the whole office, I got to write in a note saying, basically, that I was “bomb-diggity at piano.” Within a couple hours the agent got the confirmation that I would be doing a read-thru of the show the next day. The coolest part was getting a pass to be let into the FOX studios and being able to walk around the same place where the big-wigs walk. After the initial read-thru I was one of two that was called back. Three hours later (!) the producers, director and casting director were watching me play air piano to the best of my ability (which was spectacular). After I was done rockin’ it, I was leaving the room, and passed the other kid walking into the audition. I distinctly remember the casters saying, “Hey we know this kid! How are ya doing man?!” …That is the business, and one day that will be me and they will know me (hopefully)!


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