The Reddest of the Woods

Last weekend a bunch of us went to Las Vegas! Let me clarify, it was those of us who were 21… Not being 21 I went to the Redwoods! It was seriously a spectacular spectacle to see. Being around trees that have lived longer than Christ…or Dinosaurs, (whichever you believe) was truly a humbling experience. It also didn’t hurt that they were hugemungous (the Redwoods deserve their own word). Being an actor, I am constantly being asked to imagine someplace specific. I have not only beautiful, but useful memories from the Redwoods that will most certainly last a lifetime. Why, you ask? Not only because of the general nature but the shear mass of the trees was awe-inspiring. Just turning 20 makes me see that my life is no longer something to speculate, rather it is very close in the horizon. At the same time, being around the trees that were truly ancient lets me realize that my life is a literal dot in time. I cannot take any moment for granted. Every day I get is freaking fantastic. I lost my phone, broke my glasses beyond repair and got scrutinized by some local Native Americans (which is an entirely different blog) and each moment changed my outlook on life. Still, these epiphanies can happen any second of life. In conclusion, ‘Vegas is for sissies. Real men go to the ‘woods… and fight bears (…please don’t sue, PETA).


2 thoughts on “The Reddest of the Woods

  1. I think we should clarify… Vegas is not for sissies… it is for those of us of age. You’ll get there one day my friend!

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