The Final Cookout

cook out 2Tonight we happily gave in to the oakwood undertow and enjoyed our last night watching the sun set over the hills beond our palm-tree lined pool at the North Clubhouse at Oakwood Apartments. It was a perfect, breezey summer night so my wonderful room mate and better half, Rachael, and I followed our noses around the corner to find the grills sizzling and a multitude of some of the most creative and caring people I know. I felt my heart swell with happiness seeing so many fun faces that have so shaped this summer experience in Los Angeles for me. It is truly bittersweet to leave.

andy and rachealThere is simply nothing like being in the company of so many people who share your life-altering passion for ART. They are the true art, for it lies within them. It is so evident I had to sit back and take in the art in those around me: Amidst palm trees, grill steam, and a light breeze there are un-matched feelings of festivity: Bee and Jo burst into hysterical laughing, Colin sets up music from his lap top or joins Tyler, Joe, Paul, and Andy trade off cameras and jokes while capturing moments of the art around them. Brandon starts dancing; Patrick starts laughing; Jeff calls out “Cheeseburger! Hot Dog!” hot off thethe boys grill for us. I hear Chris White’s contagious laugh, Carmine making Ashley and Rachael laugh, Courtney moving about bringing her down-to-earth self to each mingling grouping. It is the visuals and auras that set the scene: The pleasant countenance of Joe, the beauty of Jordan, the vivaciousness of Jaime, the easy-going, fun nature of Mike, the non-stop entertainment of Chris White, the passionate coolness of Andy, the empathetic gentleman of Matt M. and the genuine and approachableness of Matt H. We were missing enough members of our group tonight who had already left that it was definately a bitter-sweet event. With their art I believe we would have been truely a masterpiece :D. I will miss this place.


7 thoughts on “The Final Cookout

  1. What a beautiful piece! You made me feel your caring and the bittersweet aura that is the ending of something life changing. You made a point to say something so nice about each person that your love came thru your writing.
    this is not an ending but a to be continued….

  2. So I just read this and started crying in the middle of Dallas airport. The man sitting across from me at Gate A16 keeps looking at me weird and he probably thinks I’m insane ha ha

  3. You all are too kind. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it! 🙂 Thanks for the comments!
    and Rooms, you crack me up! haha!

  4. Chels,

    This was so well written and perfectly described our last night! I am already missing Los Angeles and all of you!

  5. I wanted to procrastinate from studying so I read this…I miss you and everything about this summer! Ahhh love love love!!! xoxoox

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