Entourage in LA: Abridged

Yesterday I went and hung out on the set of Entourage.  It was bizarre.  What I was doing didn’t really sink in until I parked my car at Century Studios and walked wide-eyed through the dozens of trucks and trailers to get to the soundstage.  I knew that it took a lot to put a movie or TV show together, but the number of actors and crewmembers still took me off guard.  It was a military operation.  If they had told me that they were preparing to invade Afghanistan in search of Osama Bin Laden, I would have wholeheartedly believed them.  Filmmakers have to have a ferocious amount of control over everything, making sure that every tiny detail is accounted for and synchronized to a T; BP might want to take note.

They were shooting a scene in Ari’s office that starred Jeremy Piven, Beverly D’Angelo, and Autumn Reeser.  The office stays fully constructed in the sound stage since it is used regularly.  It makes you wonder about all the different empty sets that are simply sitting around unused in Hollywood. The entire back wall of the office is a window that looks out across the city of Los Angeles, and by city, I mean that it was a surprisingly blurry image of the city that looked unsurprisingly real on camera.  I have to say that I was blown away by Autumn Reeser, who I only knew as Taylor Townsend from, yes, The O.C. Perhaps it was because I hadn’t seen her in anything recently, or because I was seeing her in real life for the first time, but she was stunningly beautiful, not to mention a remarkable actress. Jeremy Piven was rather phenomenal too, as well as a master of his use of language.  He let no word, no sound escape his Midas touch.  I’ve always been taught that each take has to be the same as the last, yet this was not the case here. The director might have been asking them to make changes, and I was simply unaware, but overall I was surprised at how exceedingly inconsistent each of the actors’ performances were during shooting.  I guess a little difficulty in the editing room is worth it for a good performance.

I can’t wait for our next class at the Howard Fine Acting Studio, and to further explore this vast, exciting, and confounding city.


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