Adventure Time in LA

So for me, my internship did not start as soon as we arrived in LA.  I have had a lot of time to just take in the city.  I am from Washington D.C., so being around traffic and eccentric people is not really a new occurrence for me.  I love seeing all of the flavor a city can offer.  My favorite event thus far was exploring Santa Monica Pier.  A lot of original people and a lot of to take in.  Most significant were these street performers on the pier.  It was a slightly entertaining show, but they seemed to be on the level of very low key humor.  They did however flip around some, which was cool.  They needed a lot of work on their delivery, but the fact that they were able to draw a large crowd in such a small amount of time was fascinating.

The ambition and direction people can have with their cultivated talents is astounding.  There were clowns, a psychic, and even a clay caricature bust maker.  In order to market skills like these, it seems to me that the only course of action is to try.  These people had to have at some point figured out they could do these things.  I do not think that I have come to the day where I decide I will be a street performer, and I do not foresee it being something in the near future.  It might be an interesting endeavor to test out, but I do request assistance if I am going to through with it.

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