How Traffic Equals Amusement in LA

Me laughing as I people watch from the car

I think it’s time for a bit of honesty. I HATE driving. I really don’t enjoy it and only do it because that’s the only way to get from point A to point B. So when I drove to work for the first time in Los Angeles I almost panicked. It’s a jungle out here whether you take main roads or the highway.There are tons of people all fighting to get to work on time.

The good news is I was never late to work and I am learning how to get around without the GPS now. Even better, I don’t think driving is so bad now. The traffic forces me to slow down, think about things a bit, and take in everything around me. I also get to see some very interesting things. For example, I saw Jay Leno interviewing someone on Melrose Ave. and the LA area is perfect for the people watcher in us all.  People do some wacky things when they don’t think you’re looking and when they KNOW you are too. I was following one driver, and he drove zig zag purposely just because he could see me laughing from his rear view mirror. And on another day, I saw men dancing in their underwear on the side of the road. Some might say, “that’s a distraction, or that’s dangerous”. I think it’s amusing. There are so many beautiful places here that if you don’t slow down, you’ll miss it. So I’m learning to embrace the good (my awesome internship at FOX) and the bad (sitting in traffic).

Plus, everything  else about this town rocks thus far. From the food to the people, I don’t think there is any place like LA.


One thought on “How Traffic Equals Amusement in LA

  1. I can understand that completely. Many of us don’t take the time to slow down with and take in the great opportunities that we have been granted and have earned until it is too late. Be sure to dwell in the experience, and keep up that same mindset. Invigorating start to an interesting experience I am sure.

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