Howard Fine Studio

It is amazing how quickly this first week in LA has flown by.  My internship at Authentic Entertainment has been absolutely incredible and I have been learning so much.  Yet, I found it most interesting and most informative when we all attended a master acting class at the Howard Fine Studio on Sunset Blvd.

When I was younger I attended Musical Theater summer camp for about six years.  I never really enjoyed the acting part of it, because frankly I sucked at it.  Of course, observing this master class didn’t change my mind about any of that.  However, it did allow me to have a much greater respect for people who do act and are truly committed to their craft.

The advice that I took away from that class was that, as an actor, you always need to bring yourself to a role.  You essentially need to find a way to connect to the character and not simply pretend to be someone else.  The emotions you experience will feel so much more raw when they are coming from someplace real.  It was exciting to see how the actors could adjust their performances based on the critiques Howard Fine had given them.  He really helped them to dive deep into their characters.

While directing is not exactly what interests me, I do believe it is important for a director to understand how to give the best advice to an actor in order to get the performance you want out of them.  I will definitely use what I have learned from the Howard Fine Studio and will apply it when I am working with actors on future projects.

In other news, I just wanted to post some of the pictures I took when we went to the Santa Monica Pier on Saturday.  My favorite part was observing people at Muscle Beach.  The kids there were stronger than I will probably ever be.

Jeff at Muscle Beach

Extremely strong gymnast man at Muscle Beach

Caroline and Corey


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