World Traveler

I could not have been assigned to a more relevant show to follow up the spring semester.

A bit of backstory: I just returned from a semester abroad in Paris. While there, I was immersed into a new culture and language, traveled to 5 different countries, and was honestly a little nervous about returning home. I had really grown to love traveling, and while L.A. is a brand new city, it still didn’t feel the same.

So when I went to my internship the first day and was assigned to mostly work on a show where the main characters traveled the globe, meeting new people, attending festivals, and highlighting local cultures, I was pumped. I got to see real footage of locals in Colombia, Phillipines, Japan, and Brussels with upcoming shoots in Turkey and South Korea – all in the first week! It’s been incredible, and really helped reacclimate me back into the States. I even got to be an extra for the episode in Japan (we had to shoot one scene in a Japanese restaurant here… but everything else is real).

I cannot help but think that last semester’s experiences have permanently changed me, that I’ve grown so much as a world citizen. It affects every choice I make, everything I see, and everything I experience. I can’t wait to see how this summer – specifically this show – continues.

The following link is information for the independent film my company did that inspired the TV show mentioned above.

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