The following is work from three of our  Entertainment Public Relations students as part of a contest to create our new brand for Climbing the LAdder Productions and Elon in LA.  Please comment about the new logos:

Evann Clingan designs:

Evann Clingan

(Baseball) This logo, which could be used as a blog banner, is made to look like a vintage photograph. The picture was taken at the Dodger’s game, so the text also has an old-school, baseball style to it. Below the title is the phrase that, in short, describes what we’re doing this summer.

Evann Clingan

(Notepad) My logo is made to look like it was drawn on a notebook. Inside the word “Elon” is a picture from Elon, and inside “Los Angeles” is a picture that was taken here. The plane is connecting the two. The notebook, which is decorated with coffee stains and doodles, represents everything we’re writing down and learning in Los Angeles.

Evann Clingan

(Ladder) This logo turns the outline of California into a ladder. The only colors used are red, blue, and green because these are colors recognized by independent sensors in high-end cameras (they are also the colors used in our Communications Building). The logo is set inside a circle, so it can easily be used on a letterhead or project created by our Production Company.

Tyler Dornenburg designs:

Tyler Dornenburg

Tyler Dornenburg

For my designs I decided to keep it simple but professional, keeping in line with the idea that our program is essentially a real entertainment company. The reason that I put both of these logos over a picture background is to demonstrate how easily they can work as banners, links from other Elon websites, and basically just be stamped onto whatever media we need them to be on while still displaying the content in the background. Lastly, I chose to keep the type faces, sizes, etc. about the same in order to keep climbing the ladder and Elon in LA as similar and cohesive as possible.

Lucas Lovett designs:

Lucas Lovett

Lucas Lovett

As we begin to work with each other more and more within the the Elon in LA program, I want to propose that we begin to brand ourselves.  We need something recognizable for both Elon in LA as well as Climbing the Ladder Productions.  We will be entering contests and competitions, and we will all have had some part in any award that comes from this summer’s work.  The designs I have made use only 2 colors, Black and White, which means they can go nearly anywhere in terms of color or medium.  I want them to enhance anything they are put on, not distract with flashy colors. It is neutral, yet appealing in my attempt to create brand loyalty.


4 thoughts on “Logos

  1. I like Evann’s vintage logo for the internship program – I think it’s a clever play on the title and very eyecatching. . I’m torn between Tyler’s and Lucas’s climbing the ladder logo. I’m wondering how Tyler’s prod. logo would fit into a banner frame.

  2. I’m really impressed by all of the designs submitted, but if I had to choose I would say that Luke’s “Elon in LA” design and Tyler’s submission for “Climbing the LAdder” are my favorites.

  3. I really love all of these! Good job guys! My vote is for Tyler’s Elon in LA design and Luke’s Climbing the Ladder design!

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