Sprinkles, Crumbs, & Kimmel

Even though Lauren and I went to the Jimmy Kimmel Live taping a week ago, the experience is definitely worth blogging about. First, people were surprised that we were able to get tickets to go. It’s actually very easy to get them at a website called 1iota (On Camera Audiences is another good one). You just request the number of tickets you want (1-4 per taping) and print them. Although we weren’t the first people in line on the night of the taping, Lauren and I were chosen to sit in the front row. The show was a “Game Night” special to be aired after one of the NBA final games, and Jessica Alba was a guest star. It was so much fun and very interesting to watch the taping process. If you’re planning on going to a TV show taping, here are some tips: arrive earlier than suggested, make friends with the staff who will be seating the guests on set, dress nicely, and clap/cheer like a crazy person.

While I blogged about frozen yogurt in my last post, I think foods that are popular in Los Angeles say a lot about the city’s culture. People in LA also love cupcakes. I guess that’s something I have in common with them. There are two well known cupcake bakeries in LA (which both happen to be on Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills), so I decided to spend yesterday afternoon having a little cupcake competition. First, I went to Crumbs. This bakery has about 40 flavors to choose from, including Tony Hawk and Lakers cupcakes, and they’re huge. I decided to get a peach cobbler cupcake. While there were delicious shortbread crumbles on top, the cake and icing were nothing to rave about. They were almost too sweet and didn’t taste fresh. However, the peach pie filling at the center was awesome. I wasn’t completely impressed. Next, I went to Sprinkles. It wasn’t hard to find because there was actually a line out the door of the bakery. The wait wasn’t long, though, and was worth it. I ordered a banana cupcake at Sprinkles. Hands down, it was better than the Crumbs cupcake. This cupcake had a light banana bread cake, cream cheese frosting, and the cutest decoration on top. It tasted fresher and was the perfect size for a snack. Next time you’re in Beverly Hills, you need to visit Sprinkles. However, I would stick to one cupcake. I spent the drive home in a sugar coma.

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