A Couple of LA Pros

I might as well be on a different continent. California, especially LA, is so incredibly different from home. I’ve felt less culture shock in the rural mountains of Guatemala than I do at times in LA, but there are other moments when I’m sitting in traffic waiting to move just an inch further, and it’s like I’ve been doing this for my whole life.

Looking to find, date, and marry Brody Jenner OR Sanjay Gupta: different. Spending $35 on a cab ride home from a bar that is not named Westend Station: different. When work means researching the BP oil spill on my computer instead of thinning a peach tree or or grading blueberries: different.

But I’ve already found patterns in LA, things I like to do with people who I like to be with. On the day to day, the city is starting to feel familiar.

A couple of LA pros:

Pinkberry– to some this might just be a dessert hot spot, a trendy way to indulge in some yogurt, but for me, Cristina, Perri, and Jessie, this has become a slight obsession. I can tell you what each one of them gets in detail because in a short amount of time we’ve visited several different locations and had plenty of time to perfect our choices. Looking up the franchise locations has also been an interesting way for us to see parts of the city we wouldn’t necessarily stumble upon.

Los hispanoparlantes– although I haven’t found many instances in which to speak Spanish yet, I’ve been privy to hearing tons of it. Whether it was the children seated next to us at the Indian restaurant, or the cast members representing a Mexican family in 3 Truths, a play that was written, directed, and performed by locals, the linguistic part of my brain has been getting a workout.

Proximity– I have to say that one of my favorite things about being in LA is the proximity of the city to so many other things. So far I’ve visited Santa Monica for a day, San Diego for a weekend to visit my sisters, and we’re headed to Malibu for a beach day tomorrow. Oddly enough, my hometown Concord, New Hampshire is not much of a bustling metropolis so I’m excited to reep the benefits of living in Southern California.

Here’s a link to my introductory piece for a series I’m working on at my internship.


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