Only two weeks in LA and I feel like I’ve been here for months. That might be due to the crazy amount of things I’ve already been able to see and do.. From turning 21 out here to casually walking by Orlando Bloom on a daily hike in Runyon Canyon, it’s definitely been fun.
The most recent “cool” thing I’ve done, I guess, would have to be attending a screening of the movie, Jonah Hex, on the night of the premier. At my internship, I’ve been given a project all of my own along with other big responsibilities that I wasn’t sure I would get being an intern. But, in my second week and fourth day at ThinkLatino!, they had me attend a screening near downtown LA to see the new movie and get reactions from the audience. Although it wasn’t the premier, it was still a great experience to really be involved in the process of publicity for a movie.
After getting our work done at the theater, and hearing that the Lakers had won(!!), one of my supervisors, Jenny B., told me that she’d make sure that I got to attend future press junkets and premiers that would be coming up between now and the end of my time in LA. This could be movies from The Last Airbender and Despicable Me to Inception and any and all of the movies they’ve yet to be assigned to in August. To say the least, it’s been very exciting to be here in LA, both in the office at my internship and out.
And one last thing, why don’t any of the cars have license plates out here!?!


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