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After only two weeks in LA I have already become one of them…that’s right, I got a twitter. I know, I know, next I’ll be wearing skinny jeans, Ed Hardy, and going tanning. But I blame my new-found love for social media networks such as twitter (oh, and did I mention fourscquare?) on my new internship at Fanscape, a digital marketing company in West Hollywood.  But the worst part about being entrenched in tweets, check-ins, and status updates, is that I feel completely normal doing it. I’ve already learned so much about social media marketing through my internship that at this point I feel like disconnecting would be impossible. At least you can find a rehab for just about anything in LA, hopefully that includes iPhone apps.

And on a completely different note, the other day when I took a chance to look up from my phone, I used it to film this great street performance in Santa Barbara. Enjoy!



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