hopeless records

Hopeless Records is the record label I am interning at this summer. Everyone I work with is so chill and appreciates music just as much as I do. This Thursday I’m going to my first show where I’m on a “list.” I feel important even though it’s probably not that much of a big deal…at all. The band is There For Tomorrow and they’re on our label and talented and not bad looking. I can’t wait! Then on Sunday I’ll go to Warped Tour, which is going to be a blast because I haven’t been since high school when my cousins played on the Ernie Ball Stage (shout-out to Monty Are I).  Hopefully I’ll get to hang with Ace Enders and he’ll do an acoustic rendition of “When I Hit The Ground” for me. What most likely will happen is me and Natalie, (the other Hopeless intern) will endure sweaty stinky male after male being pushed into us in an unsuccessful attempt to start a moshpit of sorts. Sounds appealing too. (Crossing my fingers for the acoustic serenade).

On Friday I initiated a Twitter contest. It was really cool to see how fans of the label were so intent on getting a copy of the CD. It makes me think a lot about marketing and how integral social marketing is in terms of communicating with the fans (the people who are buying our artists’ music). Here is the CD I gave away:

A compilation album promoting our Take Action Tour as part of our non-profit Sub City


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