The War Room

This week was significant for the main reason that I started my internship with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I work as a “War Room Production Intern.” During my tour of the office, I saw this quote posted in the War Room that encompasses the thought behind the space: “There is no formula – every idea opens the door to five ideas that were not there before.” When I was initially told I would be working in the War Room, I was fairly apprehensive as to what that meant. It sounds like a scary place, but in actuality it is just a large, creative space surrounded with bulletin boards where the producers come up with show ideas and tack them onto the boards. They call it the War Room because ideas either make it into the show or they do not.

As an intern, my job is to take those ideas and organize them onto printed note cards with pictures. Visuals are key. The objective is to use this system because it allows anyone to look at the note cards and understand what the producers are planning. Anther part of my job is to research ideas and present them to the producers. For example, for a Halloween episode, I researched the best haunted houses of all time and found out what makes one scary. Some of the websites I came across had incredibly eerie ideas like a “Claustrophobia Room” that inflates pillows around you as you walk down a narrow hallway or having a haunted house take place on a boat and only having two way out: the entrance plank or the river. I also looked up carnivals in Pennsylvania and companies that could create a mock festival for another episode.

The difficult piece of my job is to come up with “beats” or rather, themes, which are fresh and have not been done before. Money is not an issue for Extreme Makeover. I quickly learned from the producers all the company has to do is drop its name and people are very responsive to having their product on television. If only everything in life could be like that.

I am really enjoying my time at Extreme Makeover: HE. I love working so closely with the production team and I actually feel like I am contributing to what will happen on Season 8.

Below are a couple pictures of the building I work in and of the surrounding area.

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