Wild and Crazy Adventures- Malibu Style

I came out to LA with no expectations but the willingness to search for opportunities. So far this open-minded lifestyle has taken me on strange, outrageous, and even enlightening adventures. Each day I arbitrarily come across some unique place, person, or situation.  However nothing could have prepared me for my most recent exploration to Point Dume Beach in Malibu. Yep! I went to Malibu.

Immediately once my feet hit the sand I took out my camera and began my new venture. I traveled over boulders and through tiny pools filled with aquatic life. Shortly after striking up a conversation with three fishermen I found myself surrounded by a colony of seals. I had become engulfed by at least one hundred seals sunbathing, barking, and partaking in other rowdy seal antics. I literally saw one seal belly flop onto another seal. (Epic!) After leaving my smelly new friends behind I tried rock climbing for the fist time. I saw mission impossible two and if five feet seven inches Tom Cruise can rock climb, why can’t I? Although I didn’t make it to the top I was still proud of myself for a least having the guts to try. The day ended with a wrong turn and me eating fish and chips for dinner.  Ironically, I don’t even like fish but for some reason if felt like the right decision so I ordered a basket. It was delicious!

It’s truly an uplifting feeling to wake up every morning unsure what the day will bring. California has transformed my summer into a real life version of stumbleupon.com. (http://www.stumbleupon.com/) There is no telling what the next click will bring.

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Special thanks to Lauren Kenney for the rock climbing photos.


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