Can’t be Tamed

Miley Cyrus released her new album Can’t be Tamed yesterday.  Her album release party/concert was held at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard and was broadcast on MTV.

Sway, MTV reporter and producer, introduced 17-year-old Miley and the show began with her new hit single Can’t be Tamed.  There was definitely a diverse crowd in attendance but Miley kept it pretty PG compared to her other most recent performances.

After she performed 3 of her new songs the MTV cameras stopped rolling and Miley said, “Now we can have some fun!”  Miley performed Every Rose has its Thorn, written by Brett Michaels who Miley said is a close family friend.  She also sang I love Rock and Roll, which seemed very Britney Spears of her but overall she put on a great show. She closed with Party in the USA, my personal favorite, and then called it a night.  The crowd cheered for an encore but no luck. Gotta love Miley!


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