Just a Friend

Janie was always the “good girl” growing up.  Her parents kept her sheltered in childhood, but as we all know, “the good girls always fall for the bad boys.”  In high school Janie began dating Lonnie and it fell down a slippery slope.  Before long her parents had shunned her, and her friends had abandoned her.  The only option left was unthinkable:  prostitution.  Despite her nighttime job, Janie has developed relationships and friendships in her life including Monty the talented Jazz musician.  In this monologue, Janie evaluates and investigates her feelings about Lonnie and Monty while she travels the streets as a “lady of the night”


2 thoughts on “Just a Friend

  1. Very interesting visuals. Lens baby perhaps?

    Great use of camera movements to enhance what might have been less believable images (slaps, interior of the jazz club).

    A few things to perhaps ponder:

    Music the whole time? Could there have been any effective moments of silence?
    Janie is not a smoker. Maybe less emphasis on that wide shot of her.

    Great length. Kept my interest throughout.

    • Thanks Max, It was in fact a lens baby.

      You’re actually the second person to mention her smoking. The first told the actress to work on getting more comfortable with cigarettes so it could be more natural but he gave me little advice. More wide-shots definitely would have helped in that aspect.

      The more I watch it, The more I agree that the continuous music probably took away from the emphasis that some of the lines in her monologue and some of the visuals deserved. Unfortunately Murphy’s law decided to pick on me the weekend of production as I ran into every problem imaginable with dead batteries, full memory cards, etc. You name it, I experienced it. In the end I didn’t even get to watch it over once to get a feel for it. I put her v/o and some music on the timeline and exported it at the last second. Obviously in the industry it doesn’t matter what the conditions were, ultimately the final product speaks for itself but I’d like to think I might have noticed some of the suggestions you pointed out with a little more time.

      I think I’m going to look through my footage again and make a second version using some of your critiques.

      Thanks for letting me know what you think. I can’t wait for sports broadcasting in the fall.

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