Directed By Clinton Edmondson


Barret Wilbert-Weed as Annie


Corey Warren as Henry

Adapted from a monologue from Tom Stoppard’s “The Real Thing”, “Murmur” explores the dying thoughts of Annie serving as her last testament to the man who chose to silence her. This dark spin on Stoppard’s original play turns the heartfelt into the bitterly ironic.


7 thoughts on “Murmur

  1. I loved what you did in this version with the neighborhood watch sign. It added to the tension and broke up the awkwardness of the long death scene.

    In an attempt to offer critique your work of art:
    I wonder what it might have looked like to rack focus with the sign in the foreground and the choking in the background. Might have been cool to see the choking, rack to the sign and have her fall over while she is out of focus so you don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of the death. Her first line could then be delivered while she lies on he ground and he is shaking her trying to wake her up.

    ….Once again my mind writes the story through shots…guess I was born to be a DP after all ;-P

    One other thought to offer: I think the jump cuts are a useful tool but for me your jump cuts took me out of the piece. I think they might have been used effectively during the choke, or perhaps during the burial because they speed up the long process and add a sense of surrealism which is fitting to the piece. I’m guessing here but I bet you chose the spot you did because he is in a state of panic and his mind is racing: the jump cuts allows the viewer to get into his state of mind a little bit to connect with the panic of the scene. I agree with this philosophy and don’t dislike that you used them, as much as I don’t like the actual cuts you made. After seeing the first cut I actually went back to watch it 3 times to make sure the computer didn’t skip because it was so sudden that it made me lose focus on the story and I had try to figure out what had just happened. I was expecting him to hit her and shake her to try to wake her up but as soon as he hit her he jumped over to a different spot. I think if he had continued to jump to different areas on screen continuously the cuts would have been effective and accomplished the sense of panic but because in all of the other cuts his feet and body remain in the same “general” position they went by unnoticed at first, and ineffective after that. it almost felt as if the first jump was a glitch or a mistake in a continuous scene.

    Overall I thought it was fantastic and I know I’m nitpicking but only because you help me with all me projects so I’m trying to return the favor.

    Great work Clint! I look forward to seeing 2 more minutes of gold when you make your open project in a few weeks.

  2. It’s not nitpicking at all. I wasn’t 100% happy with the way I recut that scene, and it’s funny you mention the rack focus because, while I wasn’t necessarily thinking rack focus, I wished I had taken a shot of the murder and the Neighborhood watch sign in the same frame.

    I might revisit the scene in later, but for now the version will stay as is so I can devote my attentions towards recutting Virginie.

    Anyways, thanks for the comments all. My focus after each film is to increase viewership so if you love it or even like it, pass it on to your friends/family/strangers you meet on the street/etc.

    • Yea maybe not even a rack focus but just a short shot like in your photostory where you can tell what is going on in the background even tho its not it’s visually hazy (out of focus would be the technical term lol).

      Probably a good call to get Virginie together haha

  3. The sound design on this is mesmerizing.

    The voiceover and music blend and create a very powerful mood throughout.

    I wonder about maybe a little more shot variety in the opening scenes. Maybe an extreme long angle to break up the most violent moment as we make the transition.

  4. Greet Work Clint.

    My only recommendation is to reduce the blinking. Really cool though, you guys are doing some great work. I can’t wait to get out there and see the set up you guys got going on.


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