Near Death Experiences in LA!

I was not expecting to feel this way at all, but it pretty much hit me like an 18 wheeler this past weekend. I have fallen in love… with Los Angeles. I love almost everything about this city, and the stuff that I don’t love, I understand… For example, parking is a pain. Everyone knows it, but because of parking sucking I am forced to walk around more which allows me to people watch, see things I wouldn’t normally get to see, as well as exercise a little bit more which probably explains why the majority of LA is so damn skinny!

Speaking of exercise, I got stuck on a cliff, while rock climbing, at Runyon Canyon trying to show off to my friends Evan, Matt and Jeff… Jeff and Matt literally walked up the cliff and I thought to myself, “Well, that looks easy. I could definitely to that.” HA! I had literally climbed the hardest part of the cliff, but the second I looked down I couldn’t go any further… or back down for that matter. Yep, I’m an idiot. I could have fallen and broken my neck and paralyzed myself or even died!! Okay, well probably none of those things considering I was only 15 feet off the ground, but that’s not the point. The point is that despite my fear of heights and my friends laughing at me when I said that I would just stay up there and chill a while, I wasn’t worried at all. I was in this beautiful serene place and there were numerous people on the trail, that I had never even met before, encouraging me to climb to the top and telling me where to put my feet… I would really like to say that the encouragement worked and that I made it to the top and everyone cheered, but sadly that was not the case. After about 20 minutes of coaching Jeff and a new stranger friend named Daniel talked me down the cliff and caught me when I jumped off. A complete stranger cared enough about my well being to take time out of his workout and save my life… okay guys, I acknowledge that I maybe added unneeded adjectives to make the story sound a little cooler, but I’m an actor. What do you expect?

I never want to leave this city 🙂


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