Freedom of Speech?

If you were a celebrity would you be willing to keep your personal beliefs to yourself for the sake of your public image? Would you give up being able to openly speak about your political beliefs? This was the issue that the Dixie Chicks were faced with when Natalie Maines made a comment about disliking Bush in 2003 while at a concert in London. The backlash that followed was burning of CDs, boycotting of playing their songs by radio stations, hostile crowds at their concerts, etc. In the documentary, Shut Up and Sing, the three singers are followed throughout their struggle with how to handle the situation and the aftermath that follows.
Although I had seen the documentary prior to class, it was interesting to now watch the film with a more strategic outlook as to how to “fix” the results of the lead singer’s comment. I’m really excited that our class is so open to discussion because I think that’s really going to help us learn how to truly think about and solve publicity problems strategically. I’m excited to see what everyone has to say about the documentary, as well as the case studies that we will study over the next several weeks.

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