Golden City

Only two weeks in LA and I feel like I am already a part of this golden city.  Aside from visits to the touristy places like pinks and the Hollywood Star Walk, I have to started to tweet regularly and have memorized all the Pinkberry locations.  My internship at Sunshine, Sachs & Associates is on the end of W Sunset Blvd., the true LA businessman’s locale.  I even saw Lindsay Lohan, we were having lunch at the same spot one day…so casual.  The idea that I work and play in the W Hollywood area still sometimes seems slightly like a dream, but it becomes more real as each day passes and I become more accustomed to LA life.

One thing that I appreciate about this trip is the planned activities offered.  Chances are I would never have made it to Amoeba Music or the Arc Light Cinemas, or especially to the outdoor play “The Three Truths” in downtown LA.  And where else could you go to a Target and have an amazing view of the mountains seemingly so close as you walk to your car?

Through my internship and the summer class, I feel like I really am immersed in PR, which is exactly what I came here to learn.  At Sunshine, Sachs I am currently assisting them get ready for a big event on Tuesday.  One of their clients, Microsoft, is having a panel and party to promote their search engine Bing.  I’m so excited because I’m getting a chance to really see first hand how its done and be actually be a part of it. I also get to go to the actual event where Drake is performing?! AMAZING.  I’m definitely enjoying it so far.  In class we are also working on the beginnings of PR packages to promote the actors and production students and their films.

However interesting working might be though, nothing beats the beach.  We took pictures by the huge rocks in Point Dume in Malibu, and walked the boardwalk in Santa Monica. We had lunch outside at the Mexican restaurant at the end of the pier (coincidentally the same one my dad has been to).  We were also sung to on the beach by someone who thought he sounded exactly like Johnny Cash.  To me, that seemed weird.  But by now I’ve realized that’s not even the weirdest thing that happens around here.  LA definitely takes some getting used to-the people are very different and there is so much to do, it can definitely be overwhelming but I’m definitely trying to take advantage of as much as I can and do as many things as possible while I’m here. And if I get tan while doing so, well then I’m alright with that.


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