In Case of Emergency…This Will Help. Honestly. IT WILL.

You see it in just about every school or workspace.  Required by law, its presence ensures safety of people should the unthinkable happen, say, a terrorist attack.  In the 1997 classic Titanic, Rose uses one to save the handcuffed Jack from drowning to his death inside the ship.

I am talking, of course, of those infamous glass boxes you see mounted on walls, with the inscription: “In Case of Emergency.”  Usually there is a fire extinguisher, or in the case of the Titanic, an axe.  In any case, it generally holds something inside that can be used to save lives.

In the bathroom of the Magical Elves’ production office, there exists such a glass box.  “In Case of Emergency,” it says, “Break Glass.”  For the tool inside is more than equipped to put out raging fires or cut through metal chains. Clearly, when your life is in danger, nothing would be more comforting than….a toothbrush?  You heard me, a toothbrush.  When I first saw it, several questions ran through my head. Such as:

what kind of crises are they anticipating a toothbrush is going to solve?
is this a toothbrush with special superhero powers?  can it shoot fire-extinguishing foam from its bristles?

more seriously though, an important query came to mind just then.
how bad is the breath of the people who work here that they found it necessary to have an emergency toothbrush on hand???

But then again, maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way.  Maybe there is something about toothbrushes I’m just not getting.  Maybe they really do hold life-saving capabilities.

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