Don’t Want to be an American Idiot

With a major in Strategic Communications, a minor in Political Science, and a love for the entertainment business, I’ve come across an interesting topic that I think is worth speaking about: the role of celebrities in the realm of politics. Ok, so we know Angelina Jolie wants to save the world one adopted baby at a time, but what happens when she attends the Davos Economic Forum? Is her opinion actually well informed enough to belong on a political stage of that size or is her opinion just louder than everyone else’s? Don’t get me wrong, in the world of philanthropy a celebrity is (sometimes literally) worth their weight in gold, but when it comes to sharing your view on real political issues then do it the way everyone else does and just vote. Because, maybe I’m alone, but George Clooney isn’t going to change my mind because he’s famous, and if Diddy tells me to vote or die then I’m literally afraid for my life more so than I am inspired to do my patriotic duty.

Somewhere around 1955 the first television was released for the public to buy. By 1960 John F. Kennedy enters the Whitehouse as the first president that doesn’t look like he got hit with a shovel. Coincidence? I think not. In 1981, former hollywood actor Ronal Reagen becomes leader of the free world. 1998 brought us Jesse “The Body” Ventura’s entrance into Minnesota’s leading political position, and at last our beloved governator of California stepped into office in 2003 and has yet to terminate his political career.

I guess what I’m fearfully trying to get at here, is that this may be a relationship that was meant to be and someday we may see Paris Hilton put in her resume for Congress or The President’s Council on Being a Totally Sweet BFF. It’s time for us to stop listening to celebrities because they are beautiful and talented, and start listening to grumpy old men who have real degrees and experience and understand what they’re talking about!

….on second thought, I’d vote for Paris. What a babe.



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