I have a love hate relationship with the LA Film Fest

The title explains it all really.  Last Wednesday I saw by far one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.  The free movie event of the week was in fact The People vs. George Lucas.  It is a glorious take on the chronicle that was and still is Star Wars.  I grew up with Star Wars as a main part of my father’s parenting style.  He did not abandon me or cut of my hand with a lightsaber or anything, but he used the teachings of balance and chivalry.  He was basically teaching me to be a Jedi.  He named me Luke after all.

As great as a Star Wars documentary can be, there is always going to be something that I will do to follow it up and be disappointed.  This movie was in fact Centurion.  It is a horrible movie full of plot holes and poorly written dialogue.  I came into the movie with full expectation of an epic journey full of action, but instead I came out with questions galore and a new hatred for ancient history.  It was kind of cool at times with the fights scenes, but when there are montages of brutal deaths every 5 minutes there is something wrong.  I like action as much as the next guy, but it does get old when you are trying to watch a movie through the eyes of a communications student.  The art direction was nice though, I’ll give it that.

It was about as bad as The Room.


5 thoughts on “I have a love hate relationship with the LA Film Fest

  1. Dear Luke,

    I loved this movie, as you most definitely have heard me say on many occasions. I just want to virutally defend it’s honor, saying you have to take it for what it is. It is an action movie with some interesting messages and surprises along the way. Yeah, there were a few plot holes, but you are making this movie sound like Snow Dogs (starring Cuba Gooding Jr., speaking of where has he been?), which was an absolute waste. I too am a communications student, and it was beautifully shot, and had some really interesting qualities…

    So now that I sound like a complete tool, I’m done.

  2. While I don’t agree with Abby, I would like to venture to say that when it comes to film criticism, you should stick to you what you know.

    The plot and even the concept itself was very wholesome and developed. The problem wasn’t the concept; it’s flaw was the poor execution. The dialogue was very on the nose, and the structure was poor at best. But plot holes? I’d say those were few and far in between. The events followed the same general thread and had a central logic; it just wasn’t good. Too much time spent on passage of time and action scenes lacked a sense of motivation. Ironically true to form with the realities of war. Either it was a ignorant mistake on behalf of the writer or foolish genius. The mistake that many historical genre filmmakers make is that filmic reality doesn’t have to coincide with actual reality.

    And as bad as The Room? That’s a stretch.

  3. Agreed, Luke. What a terrible movie! The emperor’s name was AGRICOLA for god’s sake! (which means “farmer” for those who are not Latin scholars).

  4. I appreciated The People vs. George Lucas, but I have to object to ranking it as a great documentary. It was flashy and “neatly packaged,” but it would have gotten the same point across in a much shorter, more concise period of time, like 15 minutes. Although I did grow up with Star Wars and still enjoy them, I don’t know what it’s like to have Jedi Training and wasn’t raised in Hiroshima, so I do understand where Luke is coming from.

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