“Keep It Fresh, Honest, And Think Fabulous”

My time in Los Angeles has been incredible. I have gotten to experience three sides of the industry: production, on-set production, and fashion. I have worked a ridiculous amount of hours (over 35 hours in three days alone) and in return, I have gained a vast amount of knowledge about the entertainment industry.

One experience I will never forget is shopping with celebrity stylist and art director, Kendrick Osorio. I applied to intern with Kendrick and rather than having a standard interview, we went to Beverley Hills to shop and get to know each other. We went to stores like Bloomingdales, Marc Zunio, Catherine Malandrino, among others. What amazed me was Kendrick’s ability to pick out clothing in order to capture a lifestyle. It was not simply pulling out the most expensive clothing or what looked good; every piece, down to the shoes, had meaning.

After our nine hour shopping excursion, I sat down with Kendrick to ask him a few questions. I was going mind crazy, trying to figure how we pulled over $30,000 worth of clothing, jewelry, and shoes and never once did I see a credit card. According to him, it all comes down to trust and marketing. The companies trade out their clothing in return for the client to showcase their brand. Kendrick told me if anything gets damaged or goes missing, it is out of his pocket.

I also learned what a stylist really does: they figure out what a person is missing from their current look,
“to bring new,” as Kendrick put it. This requires knowing the clients past and where to take to them next. There is no excuse to be terrible. You must include the client in the shopping process so they like what you find and will actually wear it. If they are comfortable in the piece, it looks good.

I loved my time with Kendrick and I cannot wait to work with him again. On Thursday I am assisting in a photo shoot for Sharon Leal. She has been in Dreamgirls, Why Did I Get Married Too?, This Christmas and Private Practice. It should be pretty amazing!

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