Hair and the High Road

So obviously my technological deficiency has left the Elon in LA blog free of any of my previous thoughts and observations…but somehow, magically, I have figured out (all on my very lonesome) how to use wordpress. Such a feat…haha.

Well, having been an LA native for 3 weeks now, I have finally started adjusting to the city’s pace. I must say, it is nothing like Elon, or my hometown of Mooresville, North Carolina, for that matter: it is like nothing I have ever known. I feel like, here, no one makes eye contact in public unless they are trying to sell you something…or flick you off…or both. That is a big thing for me. I have never trusted anyone who cannot look me in the eye. But then again, in a city of almost 4 million, who has time to build personal connections?

For those who say that LA is all about money, I couldn’t agree more. Everywhere is all about money. It’s called capitalism. But the times that people have stopped to notice me for who I am have really stood out and made an impression. For me, it happened in a hair salon in Venice. After an hour session of people-watching, a side bang, and some layers, I had found found peace within the city. Robin, my hair stylist, and I had realized that we had been brought together by much more than coincidence.

A Connecticut native, she moved out to LA with her then-boyfriend to take a shot at modeling and the continuation of her career in hair styling. Never having been satisfied by staying in one place, she moved to LA….and found happiness in a friendly and upbeat Venice hair salon called Trim. After a long converation about life, love, and other musings, we realized that this was not the last we wanted to see of each other. So, exchanging numbers, we left with the promise of a lunch date or two, and some possible color extensions for me.

It absolutely amazed me how connected and open I felt to this woman I had met a mere hour ago! I would have never guessed that she would have been one of the most exciting parts of my day, or possibly one of the most valuable friends I have met here thus far. I cannot even explain in words the feeling of having that closeness with another human being – it was like being back home with my best friends again. I could be me in my entirity for only a brief moment, and boy was it refreshing.

Though the city may hinder our pace and our promtitude, if we push past the frenzy of faces and allow our humanity to emerge, we may find things that are truly worth experiencing.

And for a song that has been stuck in my head this whole week…


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