The Importance of Public Relations

In the past two weeks, I have learned a lot about the public relations industry – largely in part to my PR class taught by Brad Lemack, who established Lemack & Company Public Relations/Talent Management. I have noticed one thing in particular be emphasized a lot recently: the importance of public relations. The reason there is a profession and demand for a publicist is because they are charged with bringing an awareness to a project and/or cliental. They do this through a press kit (see pictures below). A press kit is information about a client or project for a general demographic. In order to appeal to the masses, you have to be as universal as possible. If awareness for a client/project is not present, all the work actors and production teams put forth will go unnoticed.

Furthermore this morning all three classes listened to a presentation by Barry Glasser. Barry was an executive producer for Diamond Dogs, co-producer for Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, and supervising producer for Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light. He also wrote Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain and The Might Orbots.

Barry explained how the landscape of Hollywood has changed since the Golden Age. He had a lot of insightful information, particularly about the important of what he called P & A, which stands for Prints and Advertising. According to him, the strength of any film is based on P & A. I definitely agree with him on this. Barry proved its importance by showing us a copy of a newspaper with an advertisement for the movie The Karate Kid. In the credits under the ad was China Film Group listed as a foreign investor. In the past decade studios are partnering with foreign films to finance and make more money around the world. Barry also showed us a revenue projection for a standard $100 million film. Distributors and theatres immediately get a huge cut of the profit because of P & A. In this case, for a $100 million film, they would likely get $50 million. If it weren’t for those promoting the film, it would not have been close to its projected profit.

On a final note, I find public relations and marketing to be highly interesting. I plan to continue learning about the industry to see if I want to pursue it in the future!


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