Fine, Fresh, Fierce… We got it on lock.

Ok, so I had to do it (the title I mean). It’s amazing… I’ve only been in LA for about two weeks and I already feel like I’ve learned life and career lessons that I would say are pretty valuable. For example; don’t ever rent your car from a place that is named Rent-A-Wreck (the name says it all), that there are such things as high-end coffee shops and low-end coffee shops (Starbucks is neither), and that although it seemed at first that my internship had very little in common with my major I have learned more about myself during my first 5 days of my internship that I have during some semester long classes. I guess if somebody asked me what my main goal would be for the summer, my go-to answer would of be that I want to grow as an actor and as a person, but over the past couple of weeks I’ve realized, that this trip is much more than that. I’m not going to lie; I was scared and nervous as hell right before I left to come out to California. The first couple of days of the road trip out here were a little rough, but all I have to say is THANK GOD FOR FRIENDS. The lovely Mr. Masters did a pretty incredible job of distracting me on the road trip with books on tape, dried fruit, Dan Savage, and ..well what else do you do on a road trip… driving, lots and lots of driving.
That 5 day road trip really began helping me realize the incredible opportunity that lay before me. During that drive I saw some of the most inspiring landscapes I’ve ever seen and at the same time, some of the most intimidating. Since I’ve been in L.A , I’ve been reminded of how I felt driving through the giant mountains and canyons in Utah and Colorado; I feel small in comparison to the largeness of everything else, but at the same time I feel energized by the numerous opportunities it proves. At my internship with Hippo Works, even though I may not be the most knowledgeable person when it comes to html and Flash, I am still expected to accomplish work that entails using these. I refuse to stop myself from accomplishing or at least trying anything just because I don’t think I am “good” at it. I have started to see that any opportunity given to me, whether big or small, related or unrelated to my major, is a chance for me to grow. This East coast girl is starting to see a whole new, West-coast girl begin sprout.


2 thoughts on “Fine, Fresh, Fierce… We got it on lock.

  1. I’m so glad that you’re finding yourself, that you’re learning and growing and being productive towards yourself. I wish you the best. 😀

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