If I Can Pull It Off… It’ll Rock. If Not…

I had somewhat of a revelation this week: almost everything I do I try to go outside the box. I don’t mean getting complicated, in fact the opposite. I believe that the best things are extremely simple, just really, really creative. Think of Absolut vodka ads, possibly the longest running and most successful print campaigns in history. Or the most recent campaign for the NBA Finals, where the entire 30 second spot was one shot, in black and white, in slow motion. The magic in the campaign was that each ad featured an incredible moment in history, something instantly recognizable and powerful. It was in the story, not the execution.

That’s how I want my work to be. I want to be able to use beautiful camera techniques as tools, not as crutches. Great story, simple execution of a creative idea. For our upcoming freestyle projects, that’s what I’m going to do. If I can pull it off… it’s rock. If not…


One thought on “If I Can Pull It Off… It’ll Rock. If Not…

  1. Very cool that you have been able to learn something about yourself, as important as this, Mike. It’s in some people’s nature to swing for the fences. Perhaps that is you. I know that is in my blood as well.

    The tough part is, recognizing that more “strike outs” come with the home runs, to not get discouraged by the frequent strike outs and pop ups. The other choice is to try and be the lead off guy that never hits home runs, but rarely strikes out.

    Always your biggest fan,


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